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Good morning. It’s 5:55 am and this morning’s walk was pleasant and uneventful. Very dark.

Figure 1: Grainy Gail

Figure 1: Grainy Gail

06:41 Since I’m writing this in an Emacs buffer, it feels more natural to add my notes from the top down rather than reverse-chronologically. Should I timestamp each note like I did this one? (A: No, I don’t like it.)

Sorry if today’s notes become awash in Emacs minutiae. I’m working this out. There’s no question that I much prefer writing in Emacs than a text area in TiddlyWiki or the Drummer outliner.

Good grief, Soulver is such a great app. I’ve used it for years and almost forget it’s not built-in. Soulver 3 - Notepad Calculator App for Mac

I need to decide on permalinks. Currently, they are /YYYY-MM-DD (:slug in Hugo). The files are actually rendered into yearly folders e.g. YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD.md. The duplicate year bugs me a little. Perhaps I should go with something easier to read for the slug, like YYYY/MM-DD-Weekday.md. Today’s would be “/2021/11-24-Wednesday”. After thinking about it, I am going without the fake year subfolder but am adding the weekday because I like knowing that without having to look it up. Settled!

The free version of Cloudflare Pages is limited to 500 “builds” per month. That means I can re-render this blog 10 times a day and still have plenty left. I bet I push the wiki at least that many times, so I do need to be a little careful. Worst case I just move the whole enterprise to a static site on my server and rsync to my heart’s content.

I’m having a hard time getting comfortable using iCloud drive for syncing everything. I’ve already moved ~/org out since paths get wonky even when using symlinks to fake them. The iCloud process has hung twice recently. A sync solution can be slow, or weird, but what it can’t be is unreliable.

I have been unable to play from Roon to the KEF LSX speakers for nearly a week. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’m no using AirPlay from the Apple Music app. Not ideal, but at least it works.

I finally finished the roll in the M6. I took it out of the camera only to discover it’s Portra 400. Color, dammit. I don’t have any fresh chemicals. The only reason I have any mixed is that I’ve been too lazy to dispose of them. Screw it, I thought, and fired up the JOBO anyway. They’re drying now. I don’t know how they’ll look, but there’s something on there. Update: There was something From Roll 043 (Leica M6/Portra 400)