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Good morning. It’s 5:48 am and I just had nearly eight ours of uninterupted sleep. My brain is buzzing. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, ‘muricans.

Figure 1: A perfect way to spend Thanksgiving

Figure 1: A perfect way to spend Thanksgiving

The worst part about blogging with something like Hugo via text files is that when I read something on the website and want to edit it, I have to go way over into another app, find the file, edit, and republish. Where in something like TiddlyWiki or Ghost I can simply click the edit button. Even Drummer is just a browser tab away from the actual thing.

To add a Drummer-inspired image floating down the right side of a paragraph (like the Hugo logo above), do this…

#+attr_html: :class imgRightMargin

The #+attr_html: must be directly above the image link, along with any other attributes like #+caption:

I must admit that having this blog and my personal (org) journal in 2 side-by-side Emacs buffers is pretty sweet.

Figure 2: Blog on left, journal on right...all Emacs and Org mode!

Figure 2: Blog on left, journal on right…all Emacs and Org mode!

Oh, and Org mode kicks Markdown’s ass all the way down the street and back.

I love that this place is 100% mine. I can host it where and how I like. I can modify it if and when I like. I decide what goes where and how it gets there. There’s something to be said for all this, even though it’s a little more work up front. A fair trade-off. The only part I don’t have complete control over right now is hosting. I’m using Cloudflare Pages via Github so I suppose they could muck things up, but I’m not worried about it because everything is local-first and I can simply push it out to a tiny VPS anywhere and I’m back in action.

I’ve started posting directly to Twitter and/or Mastodon rather than posting to Micro.blog first and having it cross-post for me. I like deciding what goes where and whether it needs minor changes to wording, etc. I also don’t feel the need for an actual microblog any more.

I’ve removed the dayname from each post’s “slug” because I want to be able to hack the URL by putting in a date and don’t want to need to know what day that date was on. So we’re back to /2021-11-25/. Sorry if I broke any links.

I’ve also added date/author info to the bottom of individual posts. I like seeing the date and time a post was last modified. The theme came with author and License stuff built-in, so I kept that, too.

I boxed up the Q2 today. I’m just testing the waters to see if I miss it. If I don’t, I’m going to trade up to an M10-P (again).