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Good morning. It’s 5:54 am and I have different coffee this morning and I don’t love it.

I’m supposed to journal and blog as ways to write about what I’m thinking and feeling, but I too often instead write about writing about what I’m thinking and feeling.

I hesitate to publicly compliment people because so much of social media is people blowing smoke up the asses of others for attention. That’s not what I’m doing when I compliment someone. This is why I often send a (private) email instead.

Progressive Rock, NWOBHM, and pre-Nu Metal are the best genres of music.

Maintaining the blog and the wiki is kind of unnecessary, but I do like the clean, tidy, mobile-friendly rendering of this theme. And I like writing in Org and Emacs. One decision yet to be made is whether to stop the Daily Notes completely on the wiki, and just point out any significant new content from here. Or who knows, I could end up back all-in TiddlyWiki. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’m having fun right now, though.

I’m pretty much over trying to manage email in either mutt or mu4e. I just sent a long note to someone using Mu4e and the formatting was terrible, mostly around line breaks (there weren’t any). Looked good in Emacs though! I don’t care enough to fight it. Mail.app it is.