I went to post the following notes about Setapp on the copingmechanism.com blog but after only posting about photography there for so long it felt out of place. Still not sure what to do about that, so in the meantime I’m thinking of collecting longer “posts” here, but under a heading, and at the end/bottom of each day’s post. The rest will just flow top-to-bottom above that. Let’s see how it feels.

I take photos with very fancy cameras and do some detailed edit work in Lightroom. I often message these photos to family or friends. They respond with an emoji or short “Ha!” and move on. No word on the superlative micro-contrast or dreamy bokeh or light falloff or how nicely-composed they are. 🥺. Still, I know!

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I enjoy writing, but have no desire to be “A Writer”.

I moved my Synology to the basement and wired it into my Mac’s hub. Here are some details

What of Setapp?

I’m thinking about not installing (and hence not subscribing to) Setapp once the new machine arrives. Here are the Setapp apps I still have installed:

Figure 1: Setapp apps on my Macs

Figure 1: Setapp apps on my Macs

Of those, I don’t use Path Finder unless I need a quick directory comparison. There are other tools for that, but I’m lazy. I rarely use Gemini, or Better Touch Tool. I use Emacs instead of MetaImage. I already own a standalone license for Forklift, which is indispensable. The apps I’ll need to buy/license are:

CleanMyMac, $34.95/year. I use this weekly and love it. There’s an option to buy a license outright for CleanShot X $29 one time. Far and away the best screenshot tool. I use it all day. HoudahSpot, $0. I own a license. Way better than using Spotlight for search. TablePlus, $69 one time. Favorite database management tool. I don’t use it often, so this may not be necessary.

That is a one-time payment of $98 plus a couple bucks a month for CleanMyMac. If I skip TablePlus the one-time amount drops to $29.

So after a few months I’m down from $9.99/month for Setapp with access to more than a hundred apps, to just shy of $3.00/month for one app and I own one or two others outright. That extra $7.00/month gives me access to a nearly bottomless well of utilities and toys. I don’t think the savings is worth what I’m giving up. Seems I’ve convinced myself to continue paying for Setapp.