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Good morning. It’s 5:25 am and it feels like I have no tangible goals at all for the week ahead.

I keep thinking about running this blog as baty.blog (replacing Drummer). “daily.baty.net” is good because it explicitly indicates what the site is for. Also, it keeps me from breaking URLs and RSS feeds…again. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

Ever since moving the Synology to my basement office, all I hear are its drives, constantly grinding away. It’s a little crazy-making. It does help remind me to turn on some music, though.

I could stare at the pegboard in my dad’s garage all day.

Figure 1: Look at all that tape!

Figure 1: Look at all that tape!

Much like when helping run Fusionary, I want to be in charge of everything but responsible for nothing.

I put together a Blurb book today for 2021 family photos. I don’t love the design, captions, or layout, but if I fuss with it too much it never gets done, so I just cranked it out in a couple hours and sent it to print.

I now have 500 photos of my food in my meal gallery.