🌨 Light snow +20°F

Good morning. It’s 4:35 am and my ears are cold after walking Alice this morning. I’m trying to hold off until at least 5:00 am before making coffee each morning. I’m definitely watching the clock right now.

For all the time and energy I spend on my logging system(s), it’s embarrassing how infrequently I actually use them to look things up. What’s even the point? I wonder if my overall happiness would improve if I just stopped doing it. Jot down a few crucial details during the week and let the river of time wash away the rest.

Today, I’m thinking that Logseq offers the best friction to value ratio, while still being local-first and plain text. It’s dead-simple to add notes and offers nice backlinks and graphing. The graph is unnecessary but is a free byproduct, so why not? It beats Roam for privacy, cost, and attitude. It beats TiddlyWiki for ease of use and usefulness outside of the app. Plus, the files are in Org format. What’s not to like?

Yeah, the contradiction of the two previous paragraphs is not lost on me.

As much as I love the idea of the Johnny.Decimal system, I’ve utterly failed at maintaining mine.

Linking Manifesto – Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking seems useful, but how does it go anywhere?

My mood this week is one of removing the necessity, nay, the ability to customize and configure the apps I use to do stuff. For some reason, I’ve not been tweaking my Emacs config much, so that’s a relief. Back to Things, then?

Oh joy, Emacs crashes every time I save this file. I’m editing it in BBEdit right now… TAKE THAT EMACS! Ok, now I’m testing to see if it’s related to the automatic saving/exporting in ox-hugo. Hmm, seems to be. If I edit (in Emacs) the markdown file directly, all is well. So now what?

I haven’t taken enough photos with them yet, but they sure look pretty just sitting there waiting for me.

Leica MP and Leica M10-R

Leica MP and Leica M10-R

I’m hearing that AWS is down, at least us-east-1, anyway. I could smirk because I moved my personal stuff off AWS a while ago. But, this can happen to any of them, so gloating is foolish.