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Every so often, Sacha Chua publishes a blog post full of Emacs news. Her posts are always full of cool Emacs tricks and news and no matter where I am in the Emacs pendulum’s swing, I fire it up and start tweaking. For example, I abandoned this site nearly a week ago, moving my daily notes back to the wiki, and yet here I am, in Emacs, writing this post in Org mode. And I must admit, it feels pretty good.

Who am I kidding?

I went clothes shopping for the first time in forever yesterday. The good news is that I found some very nice pieces. The bad news is that it was at A.K. Rikk’s so I spent way too much.

A million dollars worth of camera gear and I snap photos of my dinner.

Figure 1: This is why I have nice cameras?

Figure 1: This is why I have nice cameras?

Me too, Owen.

Wiki…blog…wiki…blog…wiki ???

It’s embarrassing, but 100% correct that I make photos as an excuse to use cameras. I blog as an excuse to use publishing tools.