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Remember that time I used the guy in this photo as my avatar? (More in Found Negatives)

I’ve been trying Raycast and it has some neat ideas. I’m not sure yet if it’s better than Alfred, but it’s fun to try a new approach to what for me has become workflow plumbing.

I should start a new site at weekly.baty.net where I summarize everything from here and the wiki and the blog (ahem, blogs). It might also make for a sustainable and mildly interesting newsletter.

What if I were to start thinking of all my blogs and wikis and streams and such as projects? This site is my “Daily Notes” project. I have a “Wiki Project” over at rudimentarylathe.wiki. I also like the word “experiment” but I’m thinking “project” has a more bite-sized and tangible ring to it, somehow.

Well, shit, now this “projects” idea has taken hold of me. Update: I started poking around looking for ideas and found Tiny Projects by Ben Stokes. He also made Paper Website: Start a tiny website from your notebook, which is the coolest idea and I’m pissed I didn’t think of it. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m thinking about

Well, neat, Emacs is crashing again whenever I save and export from ox-hugo. I’ve tried disabling the bit that exports automatically every time the file is saved: # eval: (org-hugo-auto-export-mode). Maybe it’s got something to do with the auto-export function. I could just punt and edit these posts as individual Markdown files but Markdown isn’t Org now is it? Update: So far, so good on doing the exports manually. It’s a few more keystrokes (C-c C-e H H), but not a huge burden.

Now I’ve been poking around in static.baty.net and ran into my 10-year-old Jack Baty’s Delicious Library site. I update the photo of me while I was in there.

I think I’ve started writing here again because it’s the kind of blog I’d want to read. The wiki isn’t. I wish more people would write blogs like this one. I’d read ’em 😁.

Would I run this site if there were an easy, self-hosted version of Drummer? I might!

I’ve moved this site from Cloudflare Pages to my static Digital Ocean droplet running Caddy. I just use a Makefile to commit the changes and push them out to the server. No delays. No build limits. Mine.

Never mind. Cloudflare gets me hosting, analytics, speed reports, and a CDN for free. The downside is a little complexity and short wait between pushing and seeing changes live. A fair trade, for now.

In an effort to stay focused and actually move toward specific goals, I’ve started clocking my time in Org mode again. This means the first two hours I logged were under “Configuring Emacs”.

Not on social media? (Hilarious)

Ode to the joy of the Leica M10 - Macfilos

You can be fast with an M-Leica without perishing from stress.

OMG OMG OMG! I’ll watch anything with Nicolas Cage in it, and this is Nick all the way down:

“Oh for crying out loud” is right. Again and again, we learn the same lesson. I can’t be near it for too long.

We’re going to an office Christmas party tomorrow. Everyone must test negative for COVID-19 using rapid tests within 24 hours prior. I’m negative. The introvert in me is a little disappointed.