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I took 140 photos with the M10-R at an office Christmas party last night. I culled things down to 47 images worth sharing with the group. Here’s one of the cool Cadillac that was parked in the room.

Figure 1: Cadillac. Leica M10-R. 35mm Summilux-M FLE.

Figure 1: Cadillac. Leica M10-R. 35mm Summilux-M FLE.

I’ve been trying to use Lightroom Desktop (not Classic) but I don’t think I can do it. It’s fast, lightweight, and handles storage and backups and everything for me. Some days I don’t feel like naming, managing, and dealing with files. On the other hand, I can never get comfortable with not managing them. But mostly it’s that Lightroom Classic does everything except manage the actual photos. I need that more than I need the convenience.

It’s like every morning I’m a completely different person.

I’ve been watching the UPS tracker all day. The MBP was unexpectedly in town by 9:00 am this morning. I was still waiting for the status to change to “Out for Delivery” but it never did. Then, the doorbell rang! 🥳

It occurs to me that optimizing for speed of setting up a new computer is a waste of so much time. How often does the average person need to bootstrap a new computer? Right, not very often. Having 2 machines makes the effort a little more valuable, since often the setup stuff is then synced. But now that I’m about to be down to a single computer, I’m not going to worry about it at all.

Maybe I’ll take that back. It’s been three hours and I have the broad strokes done on the new MBP. But I know there are soooo many loose ends I have yet to trip over.