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It took me all of 2 minutes to stop seeing the notch on the new MBP. It’s a non-issue, although I am being more diligent about making sure apps don’t show an icon in the menu bar unless it’s necessary.

I think I’ll live with the little 14-inch screen for a spell before hooking this thing up to the 32-inch monitor. For normal writing, browsing, etc. a small screen is kind of calming. I don’t expect this feeling to last, but it’s fun for now.

One thing for sure is that Lightroom Classic isn’t nearly as pleasant on a smaller screen as Lightroom Desktop (my god how could they have messed up the product naming so badly?). It’s making me think about running with Desktop again.

The maintainer of Org-roam has made comments lately making me think he’s barely even using it. There are a few other active contributors but it still makes me uneasy. Guess I’ll need to figure out for real how to use Org-roam and Logseq together.

I scanned a roll of 35mm film with the Epson 750 and have decided the scan quality is plenty good enough for me. I’ll sell the PrimeFilm scanner.