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Good morning. It’s 4:20 am and when do you think I’ll be able to get 8 hours sleep?

Figure 1: Do cars get any cooler than this?

Figure 1: Do cars get any cooler than this?

I’m still planning to spend at least a few hours each day this week on my little Rails project. So far it’s not clicking for me. I’m in the must-look-up-every-single-thing phase and it’s exhausting.

For someone who’s recently claimed that “owning” and managing music was no longer interesting, I’m sure spending a lot of time today editing metadata of my local library in Roon.

But what’s really striking about the data is the distribution of users across the instances. In the federation fantasy, given 3,070 instances, we hope that 50% of the user base is spread across 1,535 instances, and the other 50% across the other 1535 instances. That is, in fantasy land, every instance would host an equal number of users (642).

In reality, guess how many instances encompass half of the user base. Maybe 1,000? Alright, there are some big instances in there, so perhaps 100? Well, there are a lot of really tiny instances mixed in, so possibly only 20?

The answer?


Just three instances encompass 50.8% of users.

I want to be the kind of person who says, “I’m not on social media”, but instead I’m the kind of person who says “I want to be the kind of person who says, ‘I’m not on social media.’”

I prefer when people tell me what they’re interested in and what they think about things instead of always telling me what other people should do or be interested in.

The M10-R was photographed and boxed up for sale this morning. I even started creating a listing at fredmiranda.com. I canceled the listing and took the Leica back out of the box. If I could just get over the guilt of spending so much money while not getting out and taking more photos with it. If I solve the latter, the guilt should diminish. I feel like I can’t keep both the M10-R and the SL2-S kits. The problem is that I can’t decide which to keep, because I love them both. Just look at it!

Figure 2: The Leica M10-R that I came _this_ close to selling

Figure 2: The Leica M10-R that I came this close to selling

Well I haven’t worked on my Rails project today, like I planned to. I just can’t muster the interest or energy.