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Good morning. It’s 4:03 am and I’m already finished walking with Alice. I don’t make coffee until 5:00 am so I’ve got an hour of nothing to do but chat with all of you. Hi! 👋.

I don’t understand the need for “writing prompts”. Unless writing is your job, or you’re working on a book, if you don’t feel like writing, maybe just don’t write and stop worrying about it?

Paul Ford’s “scratchy mouth feel” describes how I feel about a lot of things:

Chrome simply started to get a weird, scratchy "mouth feel"; I feel the same way about Chrome as I do about quinoa in a salad.

I still can’t stop thinking about Linux. Or playing with it, for that matter.

Is it unreasonable to want a life using software that doesn’t try to upsell me every three seconds?