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Alice and I went for our walk at 3:15 am. It’s getting ridiculous. I went back to bed when we got home and now it’s 6:00 am and that feels much more reasonable. I’ve been running on five hours sleep a night for a while now and I don’t think it’s good for me. I’m not 20 years old.

Interesting new Emacs package: nobiot/org-remark: Highlight and annotate any text file with using Org mode

I can’t believe I still have to look up how to remove a git submodule every time:

git submodule deinit -f themes/daily-jane
rm -rf .git/modules/themes/daily-jane/
git rm -f themes/daily-jane/

Listening to music on Linux. The opposite of using Roon:

A week or so ago I removed the analytics (Plausible.io) script from this site and, to my amazement, I don’t miss it. I didn’t expect that. I’ve never been obsessed with site views/stats. Curious, but not obsessed. Now I’m not even that curious. However, I do like to keep an eye on overall traffic and things like 404s, so I’ve re-installed GoAccess on the server so I can pop in as needed and review. GoAccess processes the server logs directly, so no need for embedded/tracking scripts.