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Installed the Timimi plugin for Firefox again on the ThinkPad. I’ve not been using the wiki for daily notes, but I do like having it for, well, a wiki. Since I’m using Firefox on Linux, Timimi is the simplest option for saving TiddlyWiki files.

I moved a lot of my synced files on the Mac out of iCloud Files. This was mainly due to wanting them available on Linux, but also because iCloud has been flaky lately. I’m always surprised how well Syncthing works, and how easy it is to install. Previously, I’d configured it once and it ran and ran and I’d forget it was there. You know, like Dropbox used to. So far, this time it was even easier to set up and has been running without issue.

I’m thinking I’ll reserve using my micro.blog for posting images. Mostly.

Pretty happy with Org-roam. Every day I get closer to calling it and living there for my notes.