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Good morning!

I’ve decided to work on my Mac today, after a few days on Linux. Apple people tend to complain a lot about the sorry state of macOS, but coming back after time away is a stark reminder of the sheer level of refinement in macOS. It’s just…nice.

The Thelio Mira from System76 is tempting. I’d like to try a modern, powerful desktop machine running Linux. I mean, how else can I do a fair comparison with my MBP? 😜. So far I’ve avoided the temptation, because, I just bought a top-spec’d MacBook Pro, remember? If it weren’t for wanting to edit photos with good software, I’d be much more tempted.

Living down a rabbit hole of photo editing processes, techniques, and software does nothing to improve my photography, so I’m backing off a bit and putting everything in baby Lightroom for a while.

I’ve changed tagging for financially-related items in my Org daybook to “:money:” because I’m tired of trying to decide/remember between :finances:, :finance:, and :financial:. Now it’s just :money:

Just for fun, and as a fallback for 1Password, I’ve started using Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager again. It’s been years. I started with a fresh .password-store/ and will fill it as needed.