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Got new eyeglasses yesterday. The prescription changed a bit from my previous pair. They work great, but I feel a little woozy while getting used to them.

There is a nicely-configured Thelio Mira in my shopping cart. I came close to pulling the trigger yesterday, but a clear head prevailed. So far. I know me. In 2 weeks I’ll be back on my Mac and the old ThinkPad I’m typing this on will be packed up and in the closet until next time I get the Linux itch. My thinking with the Thelio is that in order to get the full Linux experience, I should work on a faster, modern machine. There could be something to that, but mostly it’s just an excuse to buy a new toy. I’m going to sit on it for a month or two and if I still think I could switch to Linux, I’ll buy something nice to run it on.

Suddenly, Emacs is running slowly on the ThinkPad. Could it be that I need a faster machine?

It’s hard to virtue signal while using a paper notebook. (But mentioning using paper notebooks works great.)

If I could make just one photo like this one by Vivian Maier, I’d be happy:

<span class="figure-number">Figure 1: </span>Vivian Maier, Florida, 1957

Figure 1: Vivian Maier, Florida, 1957

After a morning of watching videos on Darktable I learn that it supports neither the SL2-S or the Q2 Monochrom. Too bad, because it’s not as terrible as I remember. Rawtherapee works better, but I kind of hate using it. I’m back to feeling like iOS and macOS are the only options for seriously editing my photos.