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I plugged in the Mac yesterday so I could actually enjoy working with photos. What I’m finding is that I, again, miss using i3 and workspaces the way they’re set up in Regolith. I’ve been trying some combinations of Rectangle and Divvy and Better Touch Tool to see what I can get, but nothing works as smoothly and consistently. I’m about to plug in the ThinkPad for the day. Weird.

OK, there. Back on Linux. It feels good, but at the same time, feels janky. Linux thinks right, but the implementation is often spotty. So help me if I can’t figure out how to consistently copy and paste between Emacs, a terminal, and the rest of the system, I’ll throw the whole thing out a window.

Nice article about one person’s journey into Leica. Lovely photos accompanying the article, too: Leica Journey: Unexpected and Educational | fcracer