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My Linux experiment continues, now that I’ve figured out how to process the Q2M files in Darktable. Printing sucks, I can tell you that. But, there’s something about using Linux that makes me feel free. I’m not beholden to anyone. No single entity can suddenly pull the rug out from under me. That’s comforting, somehow. Everything is mine to do with as I please. This is both a blessing and a curse.

I just bought a decked-out MacBook Pro (M1 Pro Max) and yet I’m writing this on a 2015 ThinkPad.

I got so tired of logging books that I just stopped reading. There, fixed!

Navel gazing as high art.

I read various Leica forums pretty regularly. I’ve learned which threads to avoid. For example: Is the M10 the last “Real” Leica?. Oh FFS.

Things I want to do are strange, simple, and unprofitable

Paul Ford

Too many of us spend way too much time trying to save a handful of keystrokes.

I wouldn’t need better window management if I didn’t have so many windows to manage.

Virtue signaling with Listening to some Neal Young on Apple Music this morning.

“Is this hotel pager friendly? I’m not gettin’ a sig on my beeper.”

I must admit that a compelling reason to switch to Linux is that I could stop paying attention to Apple-related news and speculation, which is everywhere and has become boring as hell.