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The Leica SL2-S was sold this morning. I was this close to withdrawing it. Too late now, I guess.

I wrote this back in December. Guess what I’m struggling with today:

Today I’m thinking that Logseq offers the best friction to value ratio, while still being local-first and plain text. It’s dead-simple to add notes and offers nice backlinks and graphing. The graph is unnecessary but is a free byproduct, so why not? It beats Roam for privacy, cost, and attitude. It beats TiddlyWiki for ease of use and usefulness outside of the app. Plus, the files are in Org format. What’s not to like?

<span class="figure-number">Figure 1: </span>Back and forth and back again.

Figure 1: Back and forth and back again.

I’ll give up my AirTags due to people abusing them as soon as you give up your guns for the same reason.

Say what you like about the internet, but for a certain class of underemployed male, life has become warmer, and more hygienic.

Nick Hornby, More Baths Less Talking

I’m supposed to be working on my resume but all I’ve done so far is tinker with some LaTeX templates.

I wonder if I’ll ever find a balance between Emacs, Curio, Tinderbox, and DEVONthink. Probably not. I could always just switch to Linux and that problem goes away.