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<span class="figure-number">Figure 1: </span>The last photo I took with the Leica SL2-S

Figure 1: The last photo I took with the Leica SL2-S

My favorite recent system change has been naming files using CamelCase for filenames. snake_case was the worst, but using-hypens-wasn’t-much-better. The easiest combination of typing ease and readability is CamelCase. So from now on it’s PhotoOfMyDog.jpg. OK that’s not true since I also prefix most files with a datestamp. How about 20220205-PhotoOfMyDog.jpg. Keyboard Maestro handles the YYYYMMDD- part so it’s not has painful to type as it looks.

Looking forward to Doom Emacs Discourse opening up. I hate Discord or other “chat” UIs for learning or communication beyond “Hey guys, what’s up?”

I had to update my Leica camera timeline, due to recent events:

<span class="figure-number">Figure 2: </span>Updated Leica Camera Timeline

Figure 2: Updated Leica Camera Timeline

I remain an Apple shareholder. I hope they can fix this. It really needs to be redone from top to bottom. If they can't handle a $1300 sale for a phone and get it delivered without incident in seven days then they should shut down everything until they can do it. Start over. Fire everyone. It's just not worth continuing if this is how you're going to do business.

Right. Apple sells about 500 phones every minute of every day. I don’t think your anecdotal issue with a single iPhone delivery is justification for Apple to “shut down everything”.

I need to reread some of these. What a fun list: Determining the best scifi/fantasy books since 1970 | Medium

When the Goodreads reviews suggest that Vampire Academy (4.11 rating) is better than Fahrenheit 451, it’s time to look elsewhere for our source of truth.