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I spent yesterday over at the wiki because I missed how easy it is to post there and how it tied all of my thoughts together so nicely. But, who wants to write in a little HTML text area in a browser all day when I could be in Emacs using Org mode with Vim bindings. Plus, here I have an RSS feed, better archives, and it looks better, IMO. One problem is that with this blog it feels like I’m just throwing everything onto a pile, where in TiddlyWiki it feels organized and linked up nicely right out of the box. The dilemma remains.

It’s unnatural to eat every day

Seems kinda crazy but it’s obviously true

What early human was such a good hunter that they caught prey every 3-4 hours?

When you eat is more important than what you eat

Why do people assume that whatever “early” humans did was somehow more “natural” than what we do today? More likely, it was their only option, and they’d kill to have what we have and would do it our way in a heartbeat. And they’d be better for it.

Thing is, I don’t feel much like capital-B “Blogging” but I do like writing things down, in public. Is there a difference?

Learning how to make custom mattes today: