You may have noticed that I’ve been posting daily notes both here and on the wiki. This is because I like writing in both places and I can’t find a path to choosing one of them. The wiki is just so easy and I like that it’s right next to most of my other notes. When I don’t write here regularly, the rest of the information languishes. It loses its “wikiness”. On the other hand, with I get to write in Emacs using Org-mode and publish a good-looking “normal” blog with RSS feeds and archives and all the other things that I love about blogs. I think that TiddlyWiki is the best long-term answer, but Hugo is what I prefer living with today. Still noodlin’ on it. You may also have noticed that I’ve cross-posted this in both places. Sigh.

<span class="figure-number">Figure 1: </span>I used to be much cooler

Figure 1: I used to be much cooler

I’m having one of those days where every social media post I read is either stupid, self-serving, mean, incorrect, or wildly unnecessary. Makes me happy that I can write that here and keep it mostly to myself.