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All of our smoke detectors started chirping at the same time last night. No smoke or fire. After an hour of walking around with that ear-piercing shrill, we noticed water coming out of one of the detectors in the basement. The one directly below the kitchen sink. Leaky garbage disposal. I removed the detector, which had shorted out (causing the ruckus). Turned off the water supply to the sink, and went to bed. Today is garbage disposal replacement day.

The conflict for me happens when I can’t decide if it matters to me how things are done. For example, film photographs mean more to me than digital photographs, so I tend to prefer using film because of how the photos are made. Otherwise, digital gets the job done and is 1,000% easier. Similarly, using Emacs for notes and tasks and blogging is, for me, the correct way to handle things. Plain text, consistent environment, free and open source. On the other hand, using Things and DEVONthink and WordPress sure is pretty and easy.

I updated this site’s RSS feed to only include type “post”. By default everything is included and this meant things like the About page were in the RSS feed.

I used to love programming and computers because I could make them do things. I still probably could, but I no longer know what I want them to do.