I really don’t like dealing with WordPress. I copied all recent content from this blog and the baty.net WordPress installation and am hovering over the button to switch DNS for baty.net to the Hugo instance. Wait for it….! Update I changed my mind. Still on WordPress. This may come back, though. I bailed because after copying recent content over and looking through it, I didn’t like how certain images were handled and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to change it. And then when proofreading, I noticed that paragraphs of text were too hard to read. It’s a font or some other typography issue, but I didn’t like it. It also made me think that my theme is just a little too busy, somehow. Hugo theme changes are non-trivial and can be day-long nightmares. So, I bailed. For now.

All I am ever trying to do is avoid spending any time with myself at all — no thoughts, just cacophonous sounds — and inexplicably, we’ve all decided to allow Apple to slowly but painfully put their dicks in our ears and tell us it’s what we preferred. Do you know how bad it has to be that I would opt for the indignity of getting tangled up in a headphone cord, tripping and yanking them out of my phone and having everyone hear that I’m just listening to “Hook” by Blues Traveler over and over again??

A List Of People I Am Mad At, 7/15/22

A List Of People I Am Mad At might be my favorite newsletter of them all.