My wife and I strolled around the lakefront in Saugatuck yesterday. I took only the M10-R with 35mm Summilux. There were people, dogs, boats, and water everywhere. I took fewer than 20 photos and maybe 2 don’t suck. I’m not sure why I bother. And I’m especially unsure why I bother with an expensive digital rangefinder. What’s worse, is that I’m having a difficult time focusing the rangefinder. So, with some regret, I’ve relisted the M10-R for sale.

I’ve used many film emulation “presets” over the years. Since I’ve recently been testing DxO PhotoLab I thought I’d also test their set of presets: DxO FilmPack - Magic of analog in the age of digital. As with most presets, they do a nice job of helping digital photos pretend to be film photos. The fatal flaw with all of these, of course, is that they are not film photos. And that’s why I can never get comfortable using them.

The “Notch” is a minor nuisance and certainly not a hill I’d choose to die on. The notch is wrong | Riccardo Mori.

Here’s the moral of this story: always photograph with the camera that’s going to give you the raw material you want to have in case you get a great shot. Even if it’s a pain to carry or a pain to use. Because if you photograph regularly, you will get a great shot once in a while. Even if you’re not trying. And you need to be ready for that.

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