Well, it’s October now, I guess. Each new month begins with promise and another empty page. I get to choose how to fill the pages. Recently, it feels like too many of them remain empty. I need to fix that.

The Paper vs Digital debate continues apace. One nice thing about notes on paper is that I’m not tempted, nor do I feel obligated, to share them. On the other hand, what if I do want to share them?

<span class="figure-number">Figure 1: </span>Scrintal's home page

Figure 1: Scrintal’s home page

Scrintal opened up their waitlist for anyone willing to pay an introductory annual subscription fee, so I jumped on it. Then after 10 minutes I realized I have no need for yet another note-taking app so I wrote them asking for a refund. It looks like a fine tool, but I need to pass.