I’ve been tinkering with ideas for my next career, and re-learning Ruby on Rails was on the short list.

I’ve long admired DHH and Rails and Basecamp (the company and the product). I shipped my first Rails app in 2007. I envied the way they ran the company and how open they were about it. I lapped up all their books. I even agreed with the way they handled the whole “no political discussions” fiasco. I used to feel like he, although cocky and arrogant, was right more than he was wrong about most things.

But after reading DHH’s newsletter lately, I think I’m out.

His latest, Spotify must be afraid of canceling Rogan, right? Right?!, was the final straw for me. It wasn’t just the inane title, but that he keeps showing that he doesn’t understand the argument and insisting that “both-sides”-ism is always OK.

Neal Young doesn’t want to share a platform with Rogan. Not because Rogan “hosts guests with divergent views” because he hosts guests with demonstrably incorrect and dangerous views…and seems to agree with them. DHH apparently doesn’t understand science, either. Not really.

Anyway, I don’t want to argue with him. And I don’t want to argue about him. But, he makes me want to not use his products. Which is a shame because I think Rails is still a valid, viable, and valuable option. I just wanted to vent a little about my disappointment with someone who used to inspire me.

Maybe he’ll calm down and get over this latest mood, or at least stop writing so much while feeling the way he seems to feel. I hope so.