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Monday, February 6, 2023

Home office

It's a new day, and I don't know why I'm still tinkering with Eleventy. I've gotten things to a place where it looks like the old site, but it doesn't yet group posts by day. For example, this paragraph is just a regular paragraph in a post titled "Monday, February 6, 2023". I have no idea yet how to make it work the way my Tinderbox version works.

I wrote a post about my switch to Eleventy.

I must admit that editing in something like iA Writer is a tad nicer than in Tinderbox. But I lose out on all the juicy goodness Tinderbox offers.

I've been using an Apple Wireless keyboard since yesterday and I hate it. I'll stick with it until my HHKB-pinky syndrome subsides. Or maybe I'll bring the Realforce R2 back. Either way, this one has to go.

Ok, I'm going to try and let Netlify handle deployment/hosting for daily.baty.net. DNS is updated and the repo is connected. So far the initial deploy worked. If you're reading this, subsequent deploys worked also. Huzzah.

What about separate headings? #

Using a heading within each day's post could almost work like an individual post. There's a permalink icon that will at least get you to the heading within a day's post. I'm going to call it good, for now.