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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Yesterday I typed everything on an Apple Wireless keyboard into iA Writer. I enjoyed the second part of that experience. This morning, I'm back in Emacs on the HHKB. It's worth sacrificing my pinky in order to use the HHKB and Emacs is so damned good at so many things. Good morning!

I feel like the sea change that is generative AI is passing me by.

Obsidian, I must admit, is fun to play with.

I think I want a job. I opened LinkedIn and started scrolling. In less than 30 seconds I was so disenchanted with modern "networking" that I shut down the entire computer and took a nap.

Stop acting like you're a waterbender making emotive shapes by expressing your will in the medium of liquid bullshit. The lesson one needs about a bullshit fountain is not to swim in it.

Blake Stacey


Smugly pointing out flaws in AI results seems like a pretty shitty new hobby.