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Friday, February 10, 2023

Our internet was out when I woke up this morning. I got all excited while walking the dog, thinking about all the things I might accomplish today without any online distractions. It was fixed by the time we got back, so Hi! 👋.

It is astonishing to me how many people are so quick to dismiss AI Chatbots like ChatGPT because they "...don't answer every question perfectly right now!" (paraphrasing).

If I decide to dive into JavaScript, I will do so without even looking at frameworks or libraries. That can come later...if at all.

Checking in on my seldom-used Roam database, I see that nearly all of the sites I had linked to in my "Daily Haunts" page are either gone or haven't been updated in months. "Haunts", used another way, might still be the right word for the place. 😥