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Sunday, February 12, 2023

My calm 'analog' desk

It's like I'm a different person every day. Yesterday I was myself from some alternate universe in which I use Roam for writing notes and BBEdit for everything else. I like that universe, but then this morning I fired up Emacs and started typing this like nothing yesterday even happened.

Normal people don't spend time worrying about where they write things down, right? I think about it at least 20% of my waking hours—some days much more—and I don't even need to take careful notes. I just like notes.

At times, it seems like everything I own is aspirational.

Speaking of aspirational, being unfashionable is a new goal of mine

Today, thanks to BSAG, I learned about two cool new things: LazyVim and Lazygit. After an hour with LazyVim I'm sold enough to run with it for a while.