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Wednesday, February 15, 2023


People tend to see ChatGPT as a Wikipedia or Google substitute and then scoff and dismiss it when they are sometimes given the wrong answer. I think that is short-sighted. I'm more interested in what Tom Scott recently tried (quite successfully) in this video. It's the conversational approach, working toward a solution that is sort of mind-blowing. And remember, today's version of AI is the worst it's ever going to be. I think Tom's right about where things are going, too.

Every week or two I switch the commented line between 113 and 114. It's crazy-making.

What's it gonna be, boy, Denote or Org-roam?

Honestly, what I should be doing is learning how to do the things I want within WordPress. There's an almost zero chance that my Eleventy or Hugo "skills" will be useful to anyone else, ever. At least if I got mildly adept with WordPress builds, I could help, say, a friend, build a website they could manage themselves.