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Friday, March 3, 2023

Warren Ellis Desktop

I was watching a Nick Cave documentary last night. His collaborator, Warren Ellis, was looking for something on his laptop. Here's what it looked like. I broke out in hives immediately

I don't read descriptions, I just look at the photos on Amazon and press "Buy Now". Today a GIANT bottle of shampoo and a teeny-tiny roll of packing tape arrived.

I've removed the (Plausible.io) analytics script from this site. Now that we're running on my VPS, I can use GoAccess for stats. It's not as clean that way, but I do get things like 404 stats. Plausible is great, relatively inexpensive, and respects privacy, but I'm working on removing as many subscriptions as possible. Baty.net is running WordPress again, so I have stats for that already. The only sites remaining no Plausible are little static things on which analytics don't really matter.