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Friday, March 10, 2023

Our walk this morning was through 4-6" of fresh snow. It was lovely. Wet, but lovely. Alice likes to scoop snow into her mouth as she walks along.

I like rubber bands, push pins, paper clips, and pencils and paper. They all work on their own with no help from other tools (maybe the need for a sharpener disqualifies the pencil, but I'll still allow it). I dislike staples because they require a stapler, need a second tool to remove them, and cause ugly, irreversible damage to paper.

Sometimes I'm reading the Tinderbox forums and just have to stop and marvel at how ridiculously clever it can be. A simple example of how to automatically link based on tags. Oh and I'm also always impressed by how ridiculously clever Tinderbox users can be.

A boring photograph shot on film is less boring. This makes no sense, but it's true.

Baty.net: Roll-103 (Leica MP/HP5)

Looks like Gowalla is back. Huh.