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Saturday, March 25, 2023

I'm trying to sync my Doom emacs install this morning and seeing errors that the scripts can't resolve git.savannah.gnu.org so nothing works. I don't like when the app I live in breaks.

While looking at the GoAccess logs for this site, I noticed that there were a lot of 404s for the old RSS feeds at index.xml and allposts.xml. I've added redirects in the Caddyfile to the new URL at /feed/feed.xml. You'll be seeing some RSS noise if you were subscribed using the old URLs, sorry.

Every day it seems I find some new reason to enjoy WordPress less than the day before. Today, it's the Gutenberg Phase 3 announcement. Nothing about what they're working on looks useful or interesting to me. As soon as software decides it needs "real-time collaboration" I know they've gone off to somewhere I'm not likely to follow. Now what?

Mastodon is not the right software to run as a single-user instance.

When is everyone going to stop posting every single goddamned conversation they have with ChatGTP?