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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Welcome to stay-off-the-internet day. Although I do feel like the number of silly April Fool's jokes have diminished recently.

I spent a couple of days making fun things using Midjourney but then I wondered what it was all for and stopped.

Baty.net: Printing daily.baty.net

This is a little sad, but so common:

I just tell Siri to play something and she gets it right most of the time. Not always, and when she doesn't, I've learned it's pointless to keep trying. I just don't listen to what I'd wanted to listen to.

Dave Rogers, Life's little frustrations

I used to write poetry because I thought poetry was just random sentences with line breaks inserted in unexpected locations. I'm not sure I was wrong.

When is this silly mobile internet fad going to go away? I need everyone to get back to developing for where the web belongs, on the desktop in a real browser.