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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Do not Jack here

An email from LinkedIn. Subject: "People in the United States follow these creators." jfc.

I'm still wildly happy with Org-mode, but I'm noticing another bout of Text File Fatigue coming on. I may try riding this one out instead of changing everything for a week. The wiki may see a little love, though.

All the 'splaining in the world that ChatGPT isn't actually "intelligent" and that it's nothing more than a predictive text engine forming "statistical associations between terms blah blah" is just shouting into the wind. Normal people will simply continue using the tool to do all sorts of things, for better or worse. It's unfortunate, but they don't give a shit about the "how".

It feels like my whole life is nothing but a patchwork of kludges and workarounds for ideas I had one day and then abandoned later.

And I’m sort of sick of technology. I feel like it gets in the way too much. It distracts from real life. It just keeps growing until we forget who we are.

John P. Weiss, It's Not in the Stars to Hold Our Destiny But in Ourselves

I lost at least an hour yesterday to your April Fools "jokes". They are none of the things you think they are. They're not funny, clever, unique, or interesting. They are only a waste of everyone's time. Please stop.

Goodreads email, after I finish a book: "You finished reading Some Book. Now would you either give us some free content by writing a review, or for God's sake at least buy something!"