Sunday, December 5, 2021

After four hours of flailing about, I’ve decided to give up on running Photoprism on the Synology. While I did get it to work at one point, it was so slow to index anything as to be unusable. And conversion of DNG files seemed to get stuck and I needed to reboot the whole machine. It just felt too abstracted and fragile, so I’m looking at Synology Photos again.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

I went to post the following notes about Setapp on the blog but after only posting about photography there for so long it felt out of place. Still not sure what to do about that, so in the meantime I’m thinking of collecting longer “posts” here, but under a heading, and at the end/bottom of each day’s post. The rest will just flow top-to-bottom above that. Let’s see how it feels.

I take photos with very fancy cameras and do some detailed edit work in Lightroom. I often message these photos to family or friends. They respond with an emoji or short “Ha!” and move on. No word on the superlative micro-contrast or dreamy bokeh or light falloff or how nicely-composed they are. 🥺. Still, I know!

You’ll have noticed I’m experimenting with adding some (hopefully) subtle highlights to words or phrases within individual paragraphs. The idea is to make it easier to scan and see what the hell I’m talking about each day without needing to read so much. I don’t know yet if I’ll continue with it, so let me know if you find it either useful or annoying.

Subscribed to Story Club, George Saunder’s newsletter. (Thanks to Tully for the recommendation). I’m starting with the free subscription, but if it turns out anything like everything else Saunder’s has written, I’ll be paying.

Speaking of newsletters, now that I’ve been using a “blog” for my daily notes, it occurred to me that this format could also work as a daily-ish email newsletter. Have to think about that. Would anyone be interested in an email version of this blog, copy and pasted daily into my Substack newsletter? Now that this blog has RSS, it seems less necessary but who knows?

At some point I’m going to need to add search here, somehow.

I enjoy writing, but have no desire to be “A Writer”.

I moved my Synology to the basement and wired it into my Mac’s hub. Here are some details

What of Setapp?

I’m thinking about not installing (and hence not subscribing to) Setapp once the new machine arrives. Here are the Setapp apps I still have installed:

Figure 1: Setapp apps on my Macs

Figure 1: Setapp apps on my Macs

Of those, I don’t use Path Finder unless I need a quick directory comparison. There are other tools for that, but I’m lazy. I rarely use Gemini, or Better Touch Tool. I use Emacs instead of MetaImage. I already own a standalone license for Forklift, which is indispensable. The apps I’ll need to buy/license are:

CleanMyMac, $34.95/year. I use this weekly and love it. There’s an option to buy a license outright for CleanShot X $29 one time. Far and away the best screenshot tool. I use it all day. HoudahSpot, $0. I own a license. Way better than using Spotlight for search. TablePlus, $69 one time. Favorite database management tool. I don’t use it often, so this may not be necessary.

That is a one-time payment of $98 plus a couple bucks a month for CleanMyMac. If I skip TablePlus the one-time amount drops to $29.

So after a few months I’m down from $9.99/month for Setapp with access to more than a hundred apps, to just shy of $3.00/month for one app and I own one or two others outright. That extra $7.00/month gives me access to a nearly bottomless well of utilities and toys. I don’t think the savings is worth what I’m giving up. Seems I’ve convinced myself to continue paying for Setapp.

Friday, December 3, 2021

☁️ Overcast +39°F

I’m losing interest in all of it. I need more calm technology today.

Figure 1: Calm technology

Figure 1: Calm technology

Number one Productivity Tip of the day: Never install the beta.

My problem is that I define “simple” differently each day.

How many of these do we need?… Smart Contract Bug Results in $31 Million Loss - Schneier on Security

A hacker stole $31 million from the blockchain company MonoX Finance , by exploiting a bug in software the service uses to draft smart contracts.

To me, this is reason enough never to use smart contracts for anything important. Human-based adjudication systems are not useless pre-Internet human baggage, they’re vital.

Am I really bloated or is it just my body getting used to becoming fatter every day?

Figure 2: Fix

Figure 2: Fix

This is fun: A Showcase Of Lovely Little Websites — Smashing Magazine. One of them is The Web’s Timeline.

Thinking about redesigning my office:

Thursday, December 2, 2021

☀️ Clear +49°F

No doubt I’ll be spending the day with the new camera. Both the camera and lens sure are pretty.

I love how most of the things I buy are meant to help me “simplify”.

Any reviewer who includes “No auto-focus” as a “Con” has no business reviewing a Leica M.

Doing my best to ignore this: 2.0 - Craft update. Thing about Craft is that it’s a fantastic app but feels too “heavy” for me. Like I’m always working on writing instead of just writing.

On the other hand, a few days back in Logseq have been very refreshing and positive.

We’re what, a dozen years in, and I don’t see blockchain doing anything useful in the world. Maybe next year?

Max Read questions why we even need to play along with the crypto debate:

Why do I have to bet at all?! Why am I in this awful, ugly, unfun casino in the first place?? Is there a way out of the casino?? And if not, can I at least just get slowly tanked on free booze and annoy people with a reminder that the house always wins?

The support I just received from the Wordpress Jetpack team was outstanding. Put one in the Wordpress column.

Every Memoji looks the same.

I know it’s going to be 2 or 3 weeks before the new MBP arrives, but I’m already working on moving everything local and not worrying about sync. This is going to feel so good.

Just boxed up the following as trade-ins for the M10-R and Summilux:

  • Leica Q2
  • Leica 35mm f2.0 APO Summicron SL
  • Leica 35mm f2.0 Summicron-M ASPH V1
  • Leica M4
  • Leica 50mm f2.0 Summicron-M v4


Finished a roll of 120 in the Hasselblad, finally. However, I didn’t remember it was loaded with Delta 100 so I metered for 400 ISO film. Sooo, yeah.

Figure 1: Alice with Hasselblad.

Figure 1: Alice with Hasselblad.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Good morning. It’s 5:15 am and it occurs to me that my net worth keeps going down and my weight keeps going up.

It would be better to check in and see what the world is up to maybe once a week, and spend the rest of the time being up to something myself. But what I actually do is check in with the world continuously throughout each day, leaving no time for doing anything.

Guess I’ll be reloading the FedEx pages for my new camera and lens all day. FedEx says “Delivered by today” but the packages are still in Indianapolis this morning and FedEx has been wrong 90% of the time lately. Still, 🤞

Do you ever tire of organizing things on the computer? Folders, documents, photos, and on and on. I’m sure tired of it. My Johnny.Decimal-based folder system is mostly in disarray and the “_Filing Cabinet Inbox” folder is full of stuff I’ve yet to file. I don’t feel like dealing with it. It’s just busywork. I just want to pour everything into a couple of top-level folders and let HoudahSpot sort-em out as needed.

Making fun of people or things publicly is a chickenshit move and seems to be the raison d’etre of most people on social media lately.

I’ve been using Alfred Camera | Simple Security at Your Fingertips with an old iPhone 6 as a front door camera. The free version was good enough (one camera, one viewer, limited features) but suddenly the app became riddled with obnoxious ads. I can pay $16.99 for no ads or subscribe for $3.99/month to get no ads plus the extra features. Maybe I should research a privacy-conscious, local-first DIY solution.

Twitter Is The Worst Reader by Fonda Lee

Never in the history of Twitter have I ever seen an apology be accepted or actually reduce the abuse

The trouble with letting just anyone join is that they do.

I have a tiny urge to dismantle my Roon NUC, go back to just using streaming with Apple Music, and putting the NUC to use as, say, a Photoprism server. I just don’t feel the need to “own” digital music the way I used do.

It’s here!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Figure 1: My usual bagel sandwich for breakfast

Figure 1: My usual bagel sandwich for breakfast

I was hoping to spend some time away from the computer today, but instead got sucked into watching videos about and around the M10-R and Summilux 35mm. Then I watched more about photography in general. Then I realized that 80% of YouTube channels are crap content factories, publishing for the sake of publishing and have long ago run out of interesting things to say. So, basically, I’ve wasted most of the day. I did get a haircut, so at least I’m devastatingly handsome.

Camera and lens have shipped and FedEx says arriving tomorrow but they’ve been wrong about the last 9 out of 10 deliveries so I’m not getting my hopes up. 🤞📷

More and more of my days are spent fighting the feeling of tech exhaustion. I’m tired of all of it.

I wish I would never have purchased the Leica APO Summicrons for the SL2-S. I’m trying to sell them to fund the new camera but they are just so astonishingly good that I’m having a hard time.

Monday, November 29, 2021

☁️ Overcast +32°F

I remain very much undecided about keeping this daily blog in Org mode or moving it back into TiddlyWiki. If anyone is reading this and has an opinion, I’d love to hear from you. The thing about the wiki is it’s always right there in my browser and it’s already done. No need to configure/tweak/change much ever. There’s something to that. On the other hand, this blog is managed in a single org mode outline and is published to a nice-looking blog with RSS and everything. It’s “normal”, which seems like it would be better suited to casual readers. So…yeah.

Made a small donation to Internet Archive. You might consider doing the same. It’s a precious resource.

Blog post: From workbench to writing desk – Coping Mechanism

Figure 1: Note to self

Figure 1: Note to self

I made a few counter offers to the trade-in values of some gear I’m giving up. Waiting to hear back from Ben. If it’s good, I’m going to have a new Leica M (Digital) and fancy lens soon.

I see @jack has resigned as CEO of Twitter. I’ve been mostly OK with him over the years. I’m mildly interested in what others think, but not enough to listen to 27 million hot takes by 27 million newly-minted experts in whatever field they think this falls under.

I’m trying hard to not be one of those people who are bitter and cynical about everything. I think it’s working, but it’s definitely uphill. Based on my social media feeds, most people don’t make it. (Or aren’t even trying.)

Don’t assume you know the motivations of others…people or companies. You don’t.

I am about to be the owner of a Leica M10-R with 35mm Summilux-M FLE. Wow. I had to give up the Q2, 35mm Summicron-M ASPH, 35mm APO Summicron-SL, and my M4 to cover it. We’ll see how it feels in a few days!