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There are several ways to approach images in ox-hugo. I’m trying three of them in this post :). First, I drag and drop an image into the buffer and it’s automatically, via org-attach, moved into ./attach/XX/UUIDfilename.jpg. A link is inserted and when rendering markdown, it uses Hugo’s “figure” short code. This is the easiest option to do, but has the most moving parts. I don’t like that I don’t have control over the precise path. Second, I just link to the URL of an image in SmugMug. Super easy, but I do have to upload the image then grab the “share” link. Not bad. The third option is to generate a local file link like img/foo.jpg. This feels the most self-contained and tidy, but means exporting a specifically-sized image, naming it something, copying that name, and moving it into the static/img/etc. folder. I’ll probably try all three ways for a bit to see which feels best.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in the darkroom lately.

Blogging with Drummer feels like using someone else’s bathroom. I really have to go, and it’s a nice bathroom, but it’s not mine and I can’t really relax, ya know

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