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I want only one blog

I want only one blog. How the hell will I ever make that happen? Tinderbox is awesome but blogging with it requires a lot of setup and probably long-term fiddling. WordPress can do anything but feels clumsy. Ghost is slick and fast but feels focused on "building an audience" and doesn't have comments or stats. Hugo is cool and fast and I get to use Emacs, but it's also very separate from the actual rendered content. TiddlyWiki isn't for blogging, even though it can be coerced into it. I'll never be able to choose just one option and stick with it for more than, say 72 hours. For example right now I have 3 of my sites loaded in tabs and am weighing pros and cons of each and determining if any of them could be The One. I hate this.

...1 hour later...

I think I'll focus on copingmechanism.com for now. I'm also considering either copying these daily notes into a daily post on copingmechanism.com, or not publishing to the daily blog at all. I'll just use Tinderbox for writing and organizing, then use WordPress for publishing. I do like the daily.baty.net blog output, though. But do I want to keep working at it so hard?

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