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The M10-R has left the building

The M10-R has left the building

I've used some version of Leica M camera since 2004. I love them so much that I recently purchased a brand new MP film camera, which is awesome. Only a month ago, I was finally able to get the latest digital M, the M10-R. Surprisingly, I didn't love it. I wanted to love it. I thought I'd love it. I didn't.

The M10-R was going to be my everyday carry camera. That didn't work out.

The M is a slow, manual-focus, deliberate camera. It's not really suited for just having around taking snaps. It only focuses down to like three feet. Manual focus means that every shot requires two hands. It's very very expensive, so letting it just dangle around my neck while not paying attention to it is a terrible idea. I love the idea of a digital M, but the execution leaves me wanting.

So I'm going back to a Q2 Monochrom :).

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