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The beginnings of my Tinderbox 2022 Dashboard

The beginnings of my Tinderbox 2022 Dashboard

I'm rebuilding my Tinderbox "Dashboard" for the new year. I neglected the whole Daybook last year but I'm determined to not let that happen this year.

The dashboard is a Tinderbox "Map" view littered with agents showing various summary and aggregate information from the entire document.

In the "Days remaining this year" note, I used to only show the resulting integer. I'd forgotten that in map view, notes can visually plot the values of various attributes (as in the Weight Graph, shown). The note's edict (an edict is like a rule, but runs less often) sets the note's $Subtitle to the number of days remaining in the year, like so:

$Subtitle=days(date("today"),date("12/31/2021 6:00 PM"))

I cheated in the screenshot using "42" because with only 2 days left this year, it doesn't make for a great demo. The inspector for that note looks like this:

The note uses the built-in "Dashboard" prototype to make things prettier.

The note's $DisplayExpression is simply $Name + ": " + $Subtitle

Neat, eh?

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