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Today agent in Tinderbox

Today agent in Tinderbox

I have a top-level Agent in my Tinderbox daybook named "Today". All it does is collect notes using a $Date=date(today); query. Given that I'm putting both blog content and personal logging into the document, the Today container is a handy way to see everything going on today. I'll probably modify it to use a date attribute so I can easily jump to any day and see what I wrote then. Neat.

Update: I did change the agent query to use my $Date attribute, like this:


I also changed the agent's $DisplayExpression to reflect the day:

"Created " + if($Date==date(today)){"Today"} else {$Date.format("l");}

So now I just set the $Date attribute of the "Today" agent to any date and it collects all the dated content created that day.

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