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My Leica Camera Timeline

My Leica Camera Timeline
My Leica Camera Timeline (full size)
My Leica Camera Timeline

I bought my first Leica, an M6 TTL in 2004. I've bought and sold a number of them since then. I currently own an M3, M6, MP, Q2 Monochrom, and SL2-S. In the above timeline, film cameras are green and digital cameras are yellow. Can you spot which type I tend to keep longer? The dates should be mostly accurate. There are some conflicting notes on my old blog, but they occur in 2012 which is the year I really messed things up during a platform change, so I've used my Lightroom catalog and Flickr data when in doubt. I also have some notes suggesting that I've owned two Leica M7s but I don't remember that at all.

Jess and Jack in Florida
First known photo of me with a Leica (Florida, 2004)

The future for me probably holds a beat-up original M10 at some point after the M11 is released. Prices should get more reasonable then. I'll probably end up selling the M6 to fund it or something like it. Or maybe I'll sell the MP one day, although the thought makes me shudder. I've had friends say to me, "Never sell a Leica. You always regret selling a Leica." I should probably heed their advice.