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But is it too complicated?

But is it too complicated?

Publishing this blog using Tinderbox is certainly complex, but is it also too complicated?

There are many moving parts: agents, rules, expressions, action code, attributes, and so on. But to simply publish this post, all I do is hit return, type some words, and click a button. Not complicated at all. However, if I decide to change something, or if I change something by accident, all hell might break loose.

Publishing is simple here, but running the show is pretty complicated. Still, this setup is fun, lightweight, super flexible, and ultimately renders a static site. I'm thinking it's a fair balance.

Update: Dave Rogers posted a note about complexity and Tinderbox and it's made me feel a bit better. His blog, Nice Marmot, is one of the things that inspired me to dive back to Tinderbox for personal blogging. I'm glad I did. Thanks, Dave!

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