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Big screens are bad for me

I use a 32-inch monitor on my desk at home and I love it. I can do one big thing like, say, editing photos with room to spare. Or, I can do a bunch of small things all at once.

It's that second part that gets me. Most of the time I can see the windows of at least a half-dozen different apps at once. This has been causing me some consternation. I find myself flitting about between apps and windows and tasks, simply because I happen to notice something somewhere on the screen.

I've noticed that whenever I detach the MBP and work on only the "little" 14-inch screen, I feel much more focused. Calmer, even. It's happening right now as I type this. The Tinderbox note window I'm typing in takes up most of the screen, leaving me to relax and pay attention to what I'm doing.

Of course it depends on the task. Launching Lightroom Classic is a harsh reminder of the limited the screen real estate here. If I needed an IDE and browser and terminal side-by-side all the time I'd feel cramped. But for general computing stuff, email, blogging, etc. Smaller may be better.

Here's the window size from the MBP after plugging it into the big monitor. You can see why I'd feel cramped.

Ain't it adorable?

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