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Combining RSS feeds for everything

There is an ongoing conflict between my love of trying new blogging/publishing tools and the idea of having One True Blog™. The first is for me and the second is for readers.

I had a thought this morning. What if I could aggregate all of my sites into a single RSS feed? There are a few approaches to this, but what I've decided to try is cross-posting everything to Coping Mechanism. The idea is that Coping Mechanism would grab the posts from my other sites and combine them into one giant blog whose RSS feed encapsulates everything.

I'm testing this with a couple of WordPress plugins: WP RSS Aggregator and its Feed to Post add-on.

I'll let you know if it works. If it does, those of you with an interest in following my various experiments will have a handy, single RSS feed to subscribe to. Meanwhile, I can continue writing all over the place.

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