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Reviewing my current blogging options

I'm already not digging my crosspost-everything-to-copingmechanism idea. Why am I doing that again? It only enables me to waffle on where I post things.

Let's look at my best current blogging options:

A. Short, daily notes at daily.baty.net. I could use Tinderbox or Emacs for this. Longer posts and photos would go to copingmechanism.com. This would mean a different WordPress theme. The "magazine" styled theme doesn't work well for a combination of photo and text posts.

B. Short and longer posts at daily.baty.net. Photography posts at copingmechanism.com. I get to keep the Hive theme, and Tinderbox makes the most sense for the daily site.

C. Short posts at daily.baty.net. Longer posts at baty.blog. Photography at copingmechanism.com. OH C'MON!

It's gotta be either A or B. And if that's the case, the cross-posting thing seems unnecessary. It's option C that prompted that whole thing. Still noodling on it.

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