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Monday, January 30, 2023

Moving to daily.baty.net #

I've been wondering if using the domain baty.blog for this website is a little misleading. Or at least confusing. I've decided that it makes more sense to move it to daily.baty.net. To that end, I've configured the server to listen to both baty.blog and daily.baty.net, with the plan to move entirely to daily.baty.net in the coming days. I'll add a redirect, but if you want to update the URL in your bookmarks or feed readers, feel free to do that any time.


I have a subscription for both Micro.blog and Masto.host. I'm thinking that I don't need both, but I can't decide which one to keep. This morning, it's Mastodon and not Micro.blog.


The thing I see in AI-generated artwork is the "Artificial" part. It's not real, it's not made by a person, and to me, it's not art. It's all just a meaningless technical demonstration.

Early Tools for Thought, Mark Bernstein

Compare Tinderbox's author Mark Bernstein's ideas, experience, and history with, for example, some of the #RoamCult folks and it should help determine which tool to invest your time with.