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Starting over every day

Starting over every day

Each new day I reset everything and begin again, from scratch. At least that’s what it feels like. I throw away the things I learned yesterday and try something else. Can you imagine how far along I’d be today if I hadn’t been doing that all this time?

For example, I’m writing this post in Tinderbox because this morning that’s where I feel like writing blog posts. Yesterday, I felt like using Drummer for a while, then I was back to Emacs for the afternoon.

I also spent hours yesterday learning some new Tinderbox tricks. I’ve been using Tinderbox on and off for like 15 years now. What if there were no “off” periods? Can you imagine how good at it I would be? I’d be holding classes.

It’s the same with Emacs. I’m going on, what, 10 years in Emacs? You’d think I’d be good at it. I’m not, because I keep trying to quit using it for some reason. Why? Because maybe Obsidian would work better for me?

Last week, I would have hand-written this post first in my notebook. The week before that, on a typewriter. Or maybe the iPad.

Every time I reset and say, “THIS is how I’m doing it from now on!” I lose hours or days of progress. I don’t know how to stop.